Product Detail

Dasso Ecosolid:

Dasso Ecosolid bamboo flooring offers a unique style to your home, office or commercial space. The globally patented process is revolutionary. This method uses the entire piece of bamboo which in the process is flattened and creates an interesting and look and feel like the bamboo forest itself (like below drawing, Dasso is the ONLY industry have this technology and now we have applied the Patent protection in China, US, EU, Russia and Australia etc.).

The natural outer “skin” of bamboo is reserved, which is hardest part of the bamboo, which then becomes this floors natural finish, so no other lacquer or oil required, an perfect product for the high traffice commerical place project.


 This product bring people not only a natural& original look of bamboo, but also the authentic heath by decreasing usage of chemical, such as glue, lacquer etc. This product has been installed in many commercial area, not only for its hard& durable surface but also for its easy maintenance.